samedi 24 janvier 2015

Mo'Future's not dead


After a little break due to some reasons nobody really gives a sh??! about, I'm back and well ready to share some hard tunes with the I dem.

So, as you know, 2014 was kind of a hard year for reggae music.

In my view it was truly lacking of inspiration and surprises.

Most people probably got satisfied with usual tunes by usual artists that don't really quench my deep reggae thirst anymore.

To be honest, I am sad to see some artists grab all medias'attention from years, whichsoever material they put out on the market, whilst some less known artists remain completely ignored no matter how hard they mash up the riddims.

Jamelody and King Mas are amongst the victims... (even though the talent of the latter seems to finally got recognized lately).

And so is Clay, a young english artist endorsed by Silly Walks Disco from Hamburg.

This guy produced one of the greatest EP's of last year but I hardly heard his name mentioned anywhere.


This video released this month is my way to pay tribute to this far too underrated artist.

Gwaan Clay. You're doing a great jaaaaaaaab. And thanks to Silly Walks for providing such good reggae music years afters years.

Livicated to Yann and Prince Malik!

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