vendredi 6 juillet 2018

"Miguel, is that yuh in my speakers?"-"No."

Like father

Like son.

Meleku is the son of Kalonji.



Selah Salah Mo'Salah Mo'Future!!!!!!

jeudi 7 juin 2018

Lava Tune Of The Day: "Sugar Keno" - APASS (Uganda)

Probably the best aquatic APASS song I heard from a while.

Go check his latest album AFRICAN YAYO.

It's a bomb shell!


Torpedo Vibes-"Real Love" - Barry Brown

Today I wonder.

How could it take me so long to know Barry Brown...

This song is just killing me.

Heavy Bass, slow drums.

This is just some fucking RnB y'all!

Just go get your girl and rock to dis.

And play it back a zillion times!

Big up Baaaaarrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy!!!


Song Of The Day: "My Rights"-Black Loyalty (Trinidad)

Definitely a bad artist.

mercredi 6 juin 2018

mardi 24 avril 2018

Tune Of The Week : "Call On Jah "- Samory I (Fruits Records)

Big up to Naja Vibes from Geneva for producing this bigger tune by the reggae artist of the century.

Nuff deaf man still don't realize.

3 years we've been telling them still...

vendredi 23 mars 2018

Half of the story...

Popcaan, Romain Virgo, Spragga Benz...

Every jamaican reggae superstar seem to have their alter-ego on the huge "zimdancehall scene" down in Zimbabwe.

And we love it same speed.

And guess what.

I do think it's the same thing for the world legendary "Afrodrop mixtape"!!!

Somebody told me that this "so very great" mixtape paying tribute to the african one drop genre will soon also have its follow up!


Keep in touch.

(Message sent to the 10 massives who follow this page):) (but life is great still!)


Feel like posting some ra*ssclat dubby zelekshuns today.

Thanks to Cash Money Sound from Portmore for bringing back this perfect soljie anthem(2013) by Mavado on their last cultural mix.

The ghosty voice of the Gully Ghost fits this version so perfectly.

"-Mavado, are you here in this room?



-.............................................. "

Anyway. Gangsta for life.

Soldia Sound for Life.

vendredi 23 février 2018

Sweet Song Of The Day: "Best for you" - Sean Tizzle

This song is just the perfect match between dancehall(diwali sample, you again?), pop and delicious cheesy rnb.

Best 2018 tune so far in my humble opinion.


mardi 6 février 2018

MOZEY RADIO est mort (et la musique aussi un peu du coup). C'est nul...

Pour ceux qui ne le connaîtraient pas, Radio était le chanteur d'un duo ougandais qui a régné sur la musique urbaine est-africaine pendant plus de 10 ans.

Ça s'appelait "Radio and Weasel".

Et Radio c'était le big man du groupe.

Sa voix, c'était un peu du Jah Cure mais en mieux.

Il y a 5 jours, ben il est mort.

D'une manière de merde. Il s'est retrouvé dans une baston qui a mal tourné et il est mort.

Même si j'ai jamais capté toutes ses lyrics vu qu'il balançait souvent en swahili ou en d'autres langues vernaculaires,

à chaque fois que je l'entendais, ça me faisait du bien.

La violence de ses harmonies saturées d'autotune m'ont buté plus d'une fois.

On kiffait bien s'envoyer ses derniers tunes avec mon pote Chukky.

Ça paraît con à dire mais la musique, ce sera plus vraiment la même chose sans Radio.

Y aura plus de nouveaux tunes de lui.

Et ça fait vraiment chier.

Respect éternel à ce gars-là.

Voilà un de ses derniers tunes et ce putain de trio avec Wizkid...

mercredi 10 janvier 2018

Why go anywhere else?

It's always fun to see how some punks a gaze time looking for the best reggae mixes on the internet.

If these nerds had some sense, they would come straight to this fucking mo'future page.

Cause this is the home of good reggae.

Dem shoulda kno (#gangsta taaak)

But anyway...

These two hot mixes below are a concentrate of what last year was all about, both reggaematically/onedropically and dancehallically.

Dont search anymore. It's here.

Made up by my friends from Straight Sound.


Solid shit as usual.


Tune Of The Day: Ota Benga Smile - King Mas (USA)

If you've been visiting this blog from long time you supposed to know how much I rate King Mas.

If you don't, you can still(yes still...)download the first volume of the mo'future mixtapes HERE.

This one, which was released 7 years ago, is packed with a whole lot of King Mas (then known as MASSICKER) early efforts.

Check "Legacy"-probably his biggest tune ever.

But in the mean time, this video could go by the simple name of teachings.

If you don't overspend the concept of the video, just watch it to the very last drop.

Then you'll understand the point, I think.

samedi 16 décembre 2017

Tune Of The Day: "AMENVU"- A Pass

Kampala's General is back...

with another smash hit.

What do you say?

"Run bout yah" part 2?

"Wuuyo" part 3?


Feels good. It dat.

Video Of The Day: "Say what you want"- Siza ft Eugy

Feel that discrete one drop twist in dis UK Afro track?


Eugy and Team Salut are always on point, blood.

samedi 4 novembre 2017

Trinidadian Chronicles Chapter III: Kerry John

Was already deep deep in Jah Melody's delivery on this riddim (Bidibidi bad tune named "Lucky").

Only came across this one by Kerry John yesterday, 2 years after its street release.

What a waist of time...

Big up John Kerry Kerry John and Millbeatz same speed.

3000% Mo'FuTURE seelekshan dis.

Version of the chief of staff. Just in case...

jeudi 2 novembre 2017

Well talking bout Trini...

... here's what happens to be A BIG BADD BLOODCLAAAAT TUNE.

YUH hear?


pull up that a thousand times, please.

Artist Of The Day (again?): BLACK LOYALTY (Trinidad)

In my opinion, Black Loyalty is the best kept secret from outta Trinidad reggae scene.

Together with mentors Jamelody and Isasha (Zebulun where yuh deh?), they keep the rasta flame burning on the soca island.

Now, finally, one year after its release, the very laid back "On my Way"song gets its own video.

In the pack are also included a few other big tunes from the bredda.

Now why not just ketch a fresh litchee smoothie, light up a cigarette and enjoy the moment...huh?



mercredi 25 octobre 2017