mercredi 14 mai 2014

Mo'Future X Straight Sound X Soldia Sound: The Mo'Future Mixtape Volume 3: Island Fire

Here it is.

Brand new Mo'FUTURE Mixtape.

It's the Volume 3 and it's named ISLAND FIRE!

My linkee DJ MEHDI from STRAIGHT SOUND and Iself ROOKIE B repping for SOLDIA SOUND teamed up to put together these 28 sunny pacific reggae songs.

I think it's the perfect match for a shiny summer.

This 100% certified summer fling action pack contains:

-1% Palm trees

-1% Sandy Beaches

-1% Aloha Shirt

-97% Cheesy Lovers Rock

Enjoy it to the fullest and pass it around!

Mo'Future X Straight Sound X Soldia Sound present :

« The Mo’Future mixtape vol. 3 :
Island Fire »

Tracklist :

1. Intro-The Waikikis
2. Slow Wind-Swiss
3. For You-Joe Coffee
4. Butterflies-Trey Smoov ft. Fiji and Siaosi
5. Good Love-Sons Of Zion
6. Hey Lovely-LLoyd de Meza
7. Lie To Me-LLoyd de Meza
8. If You Were Mine-Siaosi
9. Fall In Love-Sammy Johnson
10. Don’t Say Goodbye-Sammy Johnson ft. Tree Vaifale
11. Deja Vu-Tribal Theory
12. Jowenna-Fiji
13. Be My Lady-Sons Of Zion ft. Pieter T and Jah Maoli
14. To Da Riddim-Spawnbreezie
15. Your Turn-Common Kings
16. Why Would You Do That-Joe Coffee
17. Simple City-Tribal Theory
18. If I Ever-Jah Maoli feat. J Boog
19. Let The Riddim Run-Sammielz
20. Hell Of A Night-Tribal Theory ft. Beach Boy
21. Take You There-House Of Shem
22. Addicted-Sammielz
23. You’re The One-LLoyd de Meza
24. Otua Mafi Mafi-Siaosi
25. Give Me All-Sammy Johnson ft. Fiji
26. We A Rockers-Siaosi
27. Dub Stop-Eli Mac
28. Don’t Let Go-Spawnbreezie

Download the tracked out mixtape HERE!

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