samedi 22 mars 2014

Tune Of The Day: Eli Mac-Dubstop (Caution! Hawaiian Fire!)

-Yow, rasta ... Question...

-Go ahead, bredjin.

-Will this crazy tune be on the next Mo'FuTURE mixtape weh about to drop soon soon soon?

-Oh... Are you talking about this next Mo'FutURE mixtape which is under construction like just right now in the mean mean time?

-Yes dread.

-Oh. I don't know...

-Damn. And do you know anything about this amazing oh so badly bad new mixtape weh about to drop so very soon?

-Yeaman. A very very good friend of mine told me that it was gonna be fuckingly wickedly badly amazingly crazily tremendously nice...

-Mad.... Respect and manners.

(Knocking fists)

-Yeaman. Visions... Visions. Troddings. Higher medz. Haile Bless. Selah. Rastafari liveth everytime... Zion I.

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