mardi 16 juillet 2013

Unlucky Artist Of The Day-KING MAS Aka MasSicker

yea... really and truly...

MasSicker had every thing to buss or to burn-at least-a decent fire.

But in only one year he discovered that he had the same name as a jamaican emerging dancehall talent-MasSicka

... and kind of the same voice and vibes as Reggae's biggest thing right now-Chronixx...

... big and serious, this guy is really U-N-L-U-C-K-Y

Now the man may have changed his name to KING MAS, he still has the same voice and style... which is cool.

Cause his songs are always mad refreshing.

Now hold firm KING MAS.

Hope that your talent soon gets recognized.

Just dig up MOFuTURE for more of his achievements.

For Tonight

One Wish


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