mardi 14 août 2012



One year after spotting on the Carribean Islands reggae artists, "THE MO'FUTURE MIXTAPE" is back!

This time, for the Volume 2, we're heading straight to the THE SOLOMON ISLANDS, South Pacific!

If you thought UK and Jamaica produced the sweetest(or is it cheesiest? Naah!)lover's rock on earth, well you might change your mind after listening to this perfect summer soundtrack.

The "MOFUTURE VOLUME 2 MIXTAPE, THE SOLOMON ISLANDS EDITION" features some of the wickedest tracks performed by the biggest stars of the Solo scene: ONETOX, DMP, DEHVANDE, JAH BOY, MUDDY BANKERZ, just to name a few.

These guys spit fire pon some groovy one drop riddims both in english and local pidgins and,trust me,they just... rrrock the fu*!ing place!!!!
That's why we decided to try making their work accessible to a wider audience cause they definitely deserve it.

My computer skills being quite average, I teammed up with my blood CHUKKY to build this hitpack the proper way! Big Up Chukky. Yuh Large.

And of course, everlasting reespek to my bredjin Migwaan for giving me a hand on the Volume 1.

But no long chat!

Now, download the "THE MOFUTURE VOLUME 2 MIXTAPE, THE SOLOMON ISLANDS EDITION" right away, enjoy it to the fullest, put it pon repeat and pass it to your neighbour!!!

(P.S. "THE MOFUTURE VOLUME 1 MIXTAPE" is still available on this page. See above right!)

Rookie B.


1. DMP - Akaria
2. Onetox - Heart Of Mine
3. DMP - You Took My Breath Away
4. Onetox - One & Only ft. DMP
5. Jah Boy - Alone
6. Dehvande - Everything
7. Muddy Bankerz - Pretending Love
8. Muddy Bankerz - Tough
9. Dehvande - Searching For Your Love
10. Onetox - You & I
11. DMP - Life Is A Road
12. Muddy Bankerz - D**ler Man
13. Onetox - Bonegeh Beach
14. Devandeh - Secret Admirer
15. Onetox - Ramukanji
16. Jah Boy - Baby Love ft. Stinto
17. Hotz - Apart

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  1. Yo mo' have done a great job putting together this wicked collection of solomon islands songs man...luv it luv it. Keep those vibes coming !